Neon in New York

Hello from New York! Fashion Week has been an absolute whirlwind. I’ve had no concept of time/day/year/etc since the moment I’ve touched down at LaGuardia airport, but I realized last night that it’s Monday and I owe you a post.

On Saturday, I spent the day at Lincoln Center, the mecca of Fashion Week and that big white building you see in the movies. In between shows, I lingered (loitered?) outside the tents people watching for a bit.

I noticed that this season is a bit more dressed down than in year’s past. Most street style photographers were drawn to layered, neutral styles and untraditional pairings. Think blouses, booties, shorts, a vest and a jacket. Or a striped jacket with patterned pants.

My utilitarian BCBG Bronnen jacket and neon United Nude pumps are the two favorite pieces I brought with me (in my 62 lb bag) to New York.

I’ve styled them a few ways for a number of different looks: utilitarian chic, like above; and with a black tank and leather leggings for a more laid-back, edgy on-the-go vibe. I’ll probably wear them one more time here in New York, perhaps with a sequined top, black shorts and envelope clutch.

Sidenote: A huge thank you to Mary from MAS fashion for snapping these pics. I love seeing you and am glad we had the chance to hang in New York!


  1. I love what neon shoes can do for an outfit! The neon trend is fun, but it’s hard to pull off. The small dose in the shoes is perfect!

  2. Im in love with your shoes! You look great! I’m so bummed I couldn’t make it to fashion week this season! It sounds like everyone is having the best time!

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