Target Style Series: Menswear Inspired Style

In our first and second posts for the Target Style series, we talked what to wear to work this fall and how to take your look from day to night. Today, we’re borrowing from the boys. Using the Target Merona collection, as my canvas, here’s three of my favorite menswear-inspired looks for fall.

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Often times, for me, it’s as simple as a neutral color palette and high-heeled platform pump. How ’bout you, any style tricks to share?

Check out the Target Merona collection to shop these looks — if there’s a specific piece you’re looking for, comment below and I’ll help you find it!

*Note: Compensation for this series was provided by Target via Glam Media; however, each look was personally styled and all the opinions written are that of my own, not indicative of Target.


  1. Great looks going on here! I have yet to try the menswear inspired trend,but I’ve been giving it some serious thought. I love you’ve taken simple pieces and styled them up with great accessories! Adding those hot leather gloves to the first look was genius! Well done my dear, well done!

    xoxo, Stephanie 🙂

    P.S. – Your Photoshop skills are sick! Awesome job!

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  3. I love everything that is shown . It has given me that confidence to go and make myself sexy and elegant by going out there and buy clothes that make me who I am not the ones that I ahve copied from someone else love it .I will be watching every thing from now on…………..Being fabulous is really the best revenge ever- if I may say myself.

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