Upgrade Your Wardrobe: Six Style Finds from H&M

Despite being assumed a “fast fashion fix” by many (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), H&M has always been a surprisingly high-quality main-stay in my closet.

Yesterday, I mentioned I did some damage at the brick-and-mortor over the weekend. This was an easy feat, given the unbelievably luxe selection of rich color palettes and layered textures that I came across the second I set foot in-store. It seemed like each piece had it’s own element of flair that offered an edgy and unconventional finish. Think leather detailing, cowel necks, paneled leggings and the like. I may or may not have been that girl we all hate — you know, the who spends 45 minutes in the dressing room. (#occupyh&m)

So, as promised, here are the six pieces I purchased to update my look this season — as well as a few styling trips as to how I plan to incorporate them into my wardrobe.

Unfortunately, H&M’s e-commerce launch was allegedly delayed until spring 2013; so for now, state-side ladies, we’ll have to do our shopping in-store. Grab your jacket and call it your cardio, let’s go!


  1. I almost bought that neon blazer myself! What you don’t see by looking at it is how amazing it fits and flatters based on where it hits on the waist. The ruching on the sleeves is also perfect.

    Love your finds!


  2. I WISH h&m was available online because there is no store close to where I am! I will be that person as soon as they launch availability to purchase online, stalking the site purchasing everything I can! haha! CANT WAIT! Love all the pieces you bought, especially that yellow blazer and leather leggings!

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