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It’s been a weird-weathered week in New York, but we’ve started seeing signs that the heat wave days of summer are coming to an end.

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Personally, I’m embracing the cool weather — partially because I’m over-eager to bust out my fall wardrobe, including this AHmazing lace-and-leather sweater.

Mainly, though, because I’m ready to do away with the unpleasant and ugly side effects of humidity-hair. That limping, frizzing and cow-licking conundrum that gets even worse when you’re trying to tame it with styling tools. You know what I mean? So not cute when you have client-facing meetings and dinner plans to attend to.

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Most days, I like to wear my hair curly. It’s a look that’s evolved over time, but the routine started in my tween’age years.

In college especially, I took the whole curling-my-hair thing a bit too literally (#TBT moment evidenced here). I’ve managed to mature in my hair care repertoire, and these days, I’m a firm believer that it’s best to just go with the flow. Literally — a natural, wavy look is much prettier. And easier!

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In an attempt to find that work/life/blog balance I was talking about yesterday, my weekdays are pretty jam-packed. I never go home in between the office and after-work events, so my limp locks must be tamed before I’m out the door at 8 a.m.

My morning hair routine takes 10 minutes: I wrap a few strands of hair around a clipless curling wand (I swear by Jose Eber), which creates body and actually holds all day.

From start to finish, I’ve been test-driving the TRESemmé Platinum Strength Collection, a line developed to fortify and strengthen your hair. As a result of everyday(ish) styling with heat tools, I’ve really put my locks through the ringer. They tend to get dry, brittle and dull — which is the main reason I like this collection: It claims to repair up to two years of damage (and I’ve actually noticed smoother, softer hair after one week/about five uses). I often forgo washing my hair for dry shampoo, so the heat protection spray is my go-to. It doubles as a dry-hair revitalizer (in my opinion) and protects against the everyday effects of heat styling and, well, New York City in general.

Perhaps by the time I’m 30 I’ll have undone the damage from my college years. Now, on to delete those old Facebook photos…

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 *Wearing: Lace-and-leather sweatshirt c/o Bailey 44, Joe’s Jean’s distressed denim, BCBGMAXAZRIA pumps (similar), Capwell + Co necklace, Zimmermann clutch, Stila liquid lipgloss in Fiery

Brought to you by TRESemmé, a product by Unilever that I use frequently in my day-to-day. Thanks for supporting the brands that make my blog possible!  For tips and tricks on easy, wavy hairstyles to create at home (and in case you missed their behind-the-scenes access of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and), check out TRESemmé’s YouTube channel.

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  1. Ugh I wish my hair was as easy as yours! If I curl mine it takes an hour. 🙁 LOVE those shoes!!!!!

  2. Hi, can I steal that top and those shoes? Okay, thanks bye! I’m actually getting ready to chop off my hair and will be sporty a similar style to yours post chop. Or I’m just going to bic my head and call it a day! I guess I won’t have to worry how my hair looks with hats if I go that route.

  3. First of all, love this outfit! That sweatshirt is ah-mazing! Also, I totally hear you on the curly hair crisis. My hair and I have not been friends lately. Question: Your hair is naturally wavy, but you still use a curling iron? I never thought to do that, but it might make my life easier…

    • Yes, my hair is naturally wavy and yes, I agree it’d make your life a bit easier! Heat styling tools help me to have more lasting control over my mane, so-to-speak. After I’m done curling, I’ll hairspray and finger-comb the ends. It holds all day!

  4. you look great! and seriously, curling wands are the best. i usually go super curly the first day and it slowly loosen up. then i have nice curls the second day and beachy waves the third.

    • It’s the curling wand, honestly! I have super-fine hair too (which is why I can’t see to grow it much longer than this). I think they have a return policy if you’re hesitant but want to try it out!

  5. First of all, I need that top. Like yesterday. I love this look so much!! You looks fantastic. Second of all, I love Tresemme!! I use their curl care mousse (I don’t know how to spell that…) and it is seriously the best thing ever for taming my out of control curls.


    • Yes, totally! I have used the curl care line too, but my hair really doesn’t need much product to curl/wave — especially with that Jose Eber curling wand.

      And ROTFL, “yesterday.” I die – you’re killing it on comments this week. Hope you have an awesome weekend, Nikki!

  6. So excited to see this after you avatar changed to the last pic…your hair looks SO GREAT! Definitely the perfect adult cut (let’s be honest, we all had some bad days in college…have I ever mentioned I used to have blue hair??)

  7. LOVE the heels! Anything all black and studded is definitely my thing. I’m totally with you on the humidity hair thing-my hair just will. Not. Work, in humidity. I’m ready for the crisp, dry, good-hair weather! I really want to try that Jose Eber clipless curling iron too.

    • I swear by it — have had it for about two years and it still works like new! Definitely an investment, but I tossed every other curling/styling tool (except my straightener) when I got my Jose Eber one.

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