Link Love, Vol. 69

Friday, Friday, Friday! At last… How’s the week going?

I went to a Disclosure concert last night (add me on Snapchat to see photos and videos, ‘coralsncognacs’), so you best believe I’m hunkering down with a few cups of coffee this morning.


This week sure has felt like a long one, hasn’t it? (…It can’t be just me!)

Peaks & Pits, 10.16.15

Peak: Oh, man. So much this week — from jam-packed SoulCycle classes to Jess launched her clothing line (she’ll be on Evine live tonight at 7 p.m. CST — here’s the link if you want to tune in!) I’m heading back to New York next week, so planning my return trip has been fun, too.

Pit: I’ve had a four-day headache that’s been lingering — and I can’t figure out why. Anyone have any thoughts to share? (If so, leave ’em in the comments below!)

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  1. Link Love is my favorite day of your blog! Regarding your 4-day headache: possibly diet related – have you cut back on sugar intake or carbs or caffeine? If this is the trigger, know that it will soon pass as your body adjusts to the changes. HTH!

  2. So many great reads, so thanks for sharing these, Hallie. As far as your headache — if you’re teaching a lot, you may be dehydrated even if you think you’re having enough water. Drink more! Drink more! Oh and I just got some new New Balance sneakers, and they are fabulous. Love them! Happy Friday to you!

  3. That’s one long headache. I recommend drinking tons of water and taking painkillers if it gets too much. If it keeps on going, see a doctor. Last time I had a major headache, it turned into laryngitis. I hope you feel better soon.

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