Five Things You Need to Know About This Nordstrom Sale

Seems counter-intuitive to switch the conversation to fall so early in the summer, but there’s some sh*t happening you need to know about.


Maybe you’ve heard, but early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale kicks off today — which means you can shop the sale early if you have (or open) a Nordstrom card.

You’ve likely heard a lot of chatter about it leading up to the sale’s launch, so I thought I’d share some of the most frequently asked questions I’ve been getting about it — as well as my plan-of-attack/the things I plan to purchase.

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How to Party Smarter: 13 Tips to Avoid a Hangover

Coming back from a holiday weekend is hard, isn’t it? (… What day is it?)


If you’re anything like me, this week has been a bit of a struggle. Today it’s easier to feel back on track, but it’s been one of those “I need a vacation from my vacation” situations none-the-less.

Hey, everything in moderation… Including moderation.

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