Me & Public Speaking

Some things in life are better in moderation… Like me and public speaking.


I’m candid. Really candid. I’m a woman with too many thoughts and questions and things to say.

I always wonder if people realize what they’re getting into when they ask me to speak openly at their panels and conferences. Like, LOL! They trust me? Do they read the weird shit I write and project onto the Internet?

Okay, then. It’s cool if I say exactly what’s on my mind and make no apologies for potential discomfort, right?

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Pier 62

You ever have one of those days where you just. do. not. want. to. do. anything?


Totally, right? That was me last night — despite a slew of after-work events I’d over-ambitiously committed to. Some days (most days), the only thing I want to RSVP to after a long day at work is my ass on the couch with $25 worth of delivery.

But, about last night — obviously, I rallied:

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Event Recap: 7th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

So by now, I’m sure you know what I did this weekend — and I’d venture to guess that if I even begin to utter the phrase “Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic,” one more time, you’ll collectively tell me to shut the hell up.

veuve-clicquot-polo-match copy

So instead, I’ll skip it and get to the highlights — the golden moments before, during and after the match. Fashion Week style.

During the Polo Classic Day in Which We Sat In a Field to Swill Champagne successfully entailed: Lots of friends, four(ish) bottles of rosé, two boat rides and one shower curtain.

Here goes:

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