What I’m Wearing in the Windy City

It’s my last day in the Windy City (and holy shit, has it been windy), and I vastly underestimated how much time I’d be spending offline over the past few days.


Striped t-shirt: Trina Turk (here in tank top form) / Mid-rise jeans: Express (more styles here) / Canvas flats: Soludos via Zappos (more colors here) / Striped weekender bag: c/o Talbots (under $70)

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Let’s Fall In Love

Yesterday morning over a cup of coffee (my third, admittedly), I was reading an essay on the New York Times about — get this — how to fall in love with anyone.

how to wear pink and red together

Yep, anyone… Supposedly.

The title piqued my interest — like I’m sure it has yours — as it sounds like a ridiculous recipe for modern love. But, of course, I had to know. Does it work?

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Why I Left My Job

Well, this update is a bit overdue.

Today is all about the challenge of looking at your life from a unique perspective. And in order to challenge you to do so, we’ll use mine as an example.

A lot of you have been wondering about this, so I’ll just come out and say it:

nyfw lounges

I quit my full-time job three months ago. 

Well, I shouldn’t say quit — I made a thoughtful, calculated decision to move on from it. Let’s start from the beginning:

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29 Things I’ve Learned in my 20’s

About a week ago, I celebrated my birthday. And I have to say, the last year of my twenties is lookin’ mighty fine (I’m 29, guys — nothing to hide).

heart shaped balloons

Leading up to/since then, I’ve had a few holy-shit-I’m-nearly-30 moments, but I’ve gotten over them quickly. After all, 29 (and 30) is still really young.

More importantly, I’ve felt really, truly, genuinely elated. Birthdays, holidays and new calendar months (December, especially) are like turning to a fresh page of bright white paper in your favorite notebook. And there’s something really empowering about the feeling of a fresh start.

I’ve learned a lot in the last 20-some years — both good and bad — and can’t wait for what’s ahead.

So far, I’m healthier, wiser, and endlessly more self-aware of my mind and body. I’m independent in a way I wasn’t in my early 20’s. Suffice it to say, I’ve finally found my rhythm in life… I think.

As a result, we’re celebrating this week.

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