Your Autumn/Winter Guide to New York City

There’s a little something for everyone in New York City once the leaves change color — or fall off the trees entirely.

From tucked-away cocktail bars to tea time after an afternoon of scenic ice skating, this city heats up despite the drop in temperature.

Things to do in NYC in the winter

Many of us spend our summers away from New York City (in the Hamptons, if we’re lucky!), so the turn of the seasons and overall year-end is the perfect time to fall (ahem) in love with autumn, winter and the city all over again.

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Manhattan Musings: Sounds & the City

I came to an interesting realization on my walk to work this week.


That is to say, I have a full set of conversations before I even get to my destination. Without actually speaking.

(It’s also been awhile since we’ve had a meaty, long-tail conversation about life and New York City ’round here, so let’s sit back and have one of those today.)

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My Marriott Staycation: Backyard Bliss

Over the last week, you might have noticed that I spent a lot of time in Brooklyn — and living out of a suitcase.

what to pack for a weekend trip

While summer in New York City is a safe-haven from cicadas (for the most part), the suffocating humidity still has most of us ready to hop a plane (or a jitney) to get the hell outta here for a weekend.

I’m a recent exception to this, I suppose, but when you’re traveling as often as I have been over the past few months, sometimes you just want to stay put.

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Your Summer Guide to New York City

Ah, summer in the city. So much to do, so little desire to sit at home in my studio apartment.


Despite the unbearable humidity, summer in the city is my favorite time of year. Partially because it’s when half the population gets the hell out and heads to the Hamptons, so you can actually walk/breathe/etc without brushing up against six other people in the process.

Truthfully, though, I share the same sentiment during fall and spring, too… Point being, I love when the weather cooperates enough for my favorite hobbies take shape: People watching, wine drinking and outdoor dining.

I get a lot of requests to share my favorite spots in New York City, so I thought I’d roll ‘em up and showcase the spaces and places I’m frequenting this summer.

Without further adieu, here’s the scoop on my summer guide to New York City.

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