City Tourist

When I was apartment hunting in Chicago last spring, my only “prerequisite” was that I wanted to find a home in a ‘hood where I hadn’t lived before…


… Which ruled out River North, Lakeview, and The Loop, among some other locations.

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Pastel in the Park

Though nothing can compete with Central Park in New York (where Lydia and I stopped to take these photos on my last weekend in the city), I remain to be (pleasantly) surprised by how much Chicago has changed since I last lived here a few years back.


Evolved, actually. Evolved is a better word — as the result seems to be a larger landscape of fresh, farm-to-table restaurants, coffee shops and cocktail spots.

One of the coolest consistencies, though, is reuniting with long-time girlfriends — the ones where you can pick up right where you leave off, like no time has even passed. Isn’t that the best? (I’m still riding one of my friendship highs from the weekend.)

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