Out All Day

Thank the lawd we have an early spring on the horizon…


My new (increased) SoulCycle schedule went into effect this week, and beyond drastically changing my sleep schedule (I’ll touch on that next week), I find myself spending significantly more time away from my apartment.

This is good in a lot of ways, of course, but don’t you hate having to carry around a huge handbag (or two) everyday?

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Keep it Simple

I’m just going to come out and say it: Life has felt kinda crazy as of late.

how to wear white jeans in the winter

Not, like, in a bad way — just in one of those ways where every day seems to sneak away faster than the last, leaving you (me) with a growing to-do list and a depleting wine rack.

Whenever this happens, I fall into the bad habit of getting to a point each evening where it’s like: “Okay, if I’m going to get a blog post up tomorrow, I should probably start it now… But dafuq am I gonna write about?”

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