Labor Day Deals & Discounts

Welp, just kidding. I couldn’t help but check-in with you once more before the holiday weekend.

So, let’s talk about next week. As in, SEPTEMBER! Next week kicks off Fashion Week, football season and fall, which means this weekend is crunch time. There’s a shitload of sales to be had.

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[If you are picturing me poised in a starting block like I'm in a track & field race, that's correct. That's how I feel.]

Though hard to believe it’s here, September is one of my favorite months. There’s nothing quite like the challenge of styling my summer essentials for fall — and the opportunity to usher in a few new pieces into my closet.

There are a few specific things that I invest in seasonally — white jeans, a high-quality handbag and any summer essentials I’ve been wanting (needing), which are now likely on sale.

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20 Fashion Finds for the Fourth of July

Fourth of July is, quite literally, just around the corner. Crazy, right? I’d ask what your plans are, but first — a more pressing question: What the hell are you going to wear?

With all-American holidays such as the Fourth, there always comes the battle of how to dress all Patriotic-chic (that’s a thing, right?) without looking like an actual flag.


I’ve got 20 ideas rounded up right here for you (and if you order now they should arrive before the Fourth):

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How to Make the Most of Shopbop’s Annual Sale

At last, the Internet’s annual summer sales are in full-swing, giving us the perfect excuse to start afresh and pick up a few seasonal essentials — including shorts, sundresses and sandals.


As a seasoned shopper, I know you’re not a novice when it comes to snagging a deal, but there are a few things to think about when you’re browsing one in particular: SHOPBOP’S SEMI-ANNUAL SALE.

Before you go and empty your wallet, here’s what you need to know:

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