Packing for Paris (/Things I’ve Bought Recently)

Bonjour, mademoiselles! At the moment, I’m somewhere over the Atlantic on my way to Paris for a few days… (Yay!)

white rag & bone jean shirt

It’s my second trip to the City of Light — but my first in the spring, when it’s rainy and a bit on the chilly side. This time-around, packing was a breeze… Kind of.

Here’s what’s in my suitcase (lots of which you can find on sale):

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My First Date With Erica (The Sports Bra Story)

Okay, confession time: I’ve been wearing the same style of my standard go-to sports bra for several years now…


They get the job done, so there’s that — but I guess it’s partially because I’ve never seen the need to get fitted for a sports bra. (Small, medium, large. Pretty simple to figure it out, right?)

More storytelling today, guys. Settle in:

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Holiday Gift Guide: Ideas for Guys

For my final gift guide of the season, let’s discuss the dudes.

Grabbing a gift for the guys in your life always presents a particular holiday shopping challenge… And if you’re anything like me, you save ’em for last.


Before we get into it, though, I’d like to note: Most (if not all) of these items will ship before Christmas if ordered early on 12/23. So let’s get movin’!

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