Packing for Paris (/Things I’ve Bought Recently)

Bonjour, mademoiselles! At the moment, I’m somewhere over the Atlantic on my way to Paris for a few days… (Yay!)

white rag & bone jean shirt

It’s my second trip to the City of Light — but my first in the spring, when it’s rainy and a bit on the chilly side. This time-around, packing was a breeze… Kind of.

Here’s what’s in my suitcase (lots of which you can find on sale):

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Recap from Caneel Bay Resort

I’ve been traveling a lot lately — over the holidays and the past few weeks — which means I’ve had plenty of time to comb back through photos and videos to recap a recent trip to Caneel Bay Resort in the Virgin Islands.


Where we left off yesterday, Jess and I had just arrived at Caneel Bay Resort. While the trip getting there was a little dramatic (you can read that story here), at least we had a good story to tell from it… Ha!

Let’s get on with the rest of the trip, though. These photos!

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