You Need This Moto Jacket

I flew home from Paris yesterday afternoon and let me tell you, the jet-lag is real. (If you caught my Snapchat last night, you know!)


The beautiful weather we’ve been having in Chi-town has made it a bit easier to force myself outside and back into the real world, though.

And you know, I don’t mind fall… Jacket season isn’t so bad — if you’ve got the right wardrobe arsenal.

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Be a Better Blogger, Vol. 3: Event How-To’s

For Volume Three in our “Be a Better Blogger Series“, we’re talkin’ events — how to get invited to them, make the most of them and more.


A significant chunk of e-mails that I receive from readers and fellow bloggers are about how to grow your blog or your career – whether you’re in New York or not.

More often than not, my answer is the same…

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