Keep it Simple

I’m just going to come out and say it: Life has felt kinda crazy as of late.

how to wear white jeans in the winter

Not, like, in a bad way — just in one of those ways where every day seems to sneak away faster than the last, leaving you (me) with a growing to-do list and a depleting wine rack.

Whenever this happens, I fall into the bad habit of getting to a point each evening where it’s like: “Okay, if I’m going to get a blog post up tomorrow, I should probably start it now… But dafuq am I gonna write about?”

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Link Love, Vol. 79

Happy Friday, guys!


Netflix update: Last Friday, remember how I’d told you I’d just started Making a Murderer?

Well, at the time I hit “schedule” on this post (approximately 1:25 a.m. last night), I was only seven episodes in. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d finished the season by the time you’re reading this, though…* Still: No spoilers, pretty please. This show is insane and addicting and infuriating and I CANNOT!

*See this week’s “pit” for why.

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